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2015 Zanesville Prize Finalists Gallery

2015 Zanesville Prize Finalists Gallery » Dufala, Chris - Selling Copy (Third Place)

2015 Zanesville Prize Finalists Gallery
Artist: Chris Dufala
Title: Selling Copy
Year: 2015
Dimensions: height: 18 Inches, width: 22 Inches depth: 16 Inches
Clay body: Earthenware
Surface treatment: The work is fired to cone 04 with a partial glaze application. It is then stained with a cold patina and polished with steel wool. Various components of the work are then surfaced with a layer of liquid rubber to create emphasis and contrast.
Technique: The work is hand built using a variety of industrial looking press molds and extruded forms. Post fired fabrication is often included to assemble the final sculpture.
Photographic credit: Artist
Artist's Statement: Selling Copy I am inspired by illusion. It is the cornerstone of my technical process and a catalyst for my conceptualization. My artwork is an amalgam of objects that reflect an imitation of reality. As a whole, they represent a relationship between the domestic and the natural world. Under the surface, they suggest that anything in life can be misunderstood. Their physical appearance belies their actual material nature, much as the objects they represent belie their waste and convenience. This notion of deception is important to me as it resonates with everything I find dishonest, contrary, and generally lacking integrity. I am not trying to find a solution, but simply commenting on that which I observe.
Price: $9,600

By purchasing this item, you understand and agree to loan the purchased piece to the Zanesville Prize and Zanesville Museum of Art (ZMA) for the remainder of the exhibition. The price listed DOES NOT include shipping chares which will be billed to the buyer. The piece will not be available to you as the buyer until it is released from the exhibition in mid January 2016 by ZMA. Some pieces MUST be installed by the artist; expenses for artist installation are not included and must be arranged between the buyer and artist.
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